Rice Huller Machine|Rice Husking Machine|Paddy Pounder Machine

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1.This three roller rice huller machine is our company’s main product and hotsale product, the shell rate is as high as 99%, and its hulling rate is twotimes of the two roller shell huller machine.

2. This threeroller rice huller machine can clean little separation chaff thoroughly.

3. The body adoptsseal type, chaff dust and all in a bag inside, use or the appearance of theroom without dust, environmental sanitation little noise

4. This huller machine’s warehousedoor can be very convenient open, and the door with glass, use very convenientadjustment

5. Roller thick rubber is hierarchy,and long service life.

6. Beautiful outlook, cover anarea of an area small.



TPP-32.2 KW        300-400500*500*1000102kg