Tender Coconut Peeling Machine|Tender Coconut Trimming Machine|Young Cocot Nut Peeling Machine

This machine is forgreen coconut peeling and trimming.


This machine is forgreen coconut peeling and trimming.

Control method: Theblades are controlled automatically.


This machine isincludes machine shelf, rotation axis, control system, drive device, cylinderstator, peeling blades and trimming blades, etc.

The worker puts thecoconut on the rotation axis, and then workers press the starting button,peeling blade and trimming blade will begin to work to remove the skin ofcoconut and trim the top of the coconut, and then stop the motor and take outcoconut. Finally the worker needs to cut the bottom of coconut.

The blades are made ofhigh-speed steel, which is more durable.

Peelingtime consumption6-10seconds/piece
Working pressure0.4-0.7MPa(user prepare air compressor by himself)
Total power0.8kw
Motor power0.75kw
Rated speed181±10rpm
VoltageAC220V,50HZ(can be customized)
Working environment

Working temperature: 5-40℃;

workinghumidity: RH≤85%