Chestnut Peeling Machine|Chestnut Peeler|Chinese Chestnut Peeling Machine

This machine not only can remove the brown shell ofChinese chestnut, but also can effectively remove the inside skin. The chestnutdoesn’t need being boiled and soaked.

Working Principle:

Chestnut peeling machine adopts rotary design,under the high-speed rotating of the cutter, quickly and efficiently removechestnut shell and inside skin easily.


Chinese chestnut peeling machine can be set theoperation time according to the customer’s demand. When time relay ran afterthe second, the machine will automatically stop working, the operator can openbaffle plate at the same time, and the processed chestnut will be discharged.

Technical parameters:

Model: TPP-BL100

Capacity: 100kg/hr (1.5-2kg/time,40-60seconds/time)

Voltage: 220V, 110V, 50/60HZ

Power: 0.75kw

Shelling rate: more than 98%

Peeling rate: 75%-80%

Machine material: stainless steel

Dimension: 500*400*900mm

Weight: 18kg