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Henan Topp Machinery Co., Ltd. established a perfect quality management system, and in accordance with the "continuous improvement" principle, and constantly improve and perfect the company's enterprise management system, quality, environment, occupational health and safety, measurement management system integration to establish an integrated Management system, improve the degree of integration of enterprise management system and improve the effectiveness of the operation of enterprise management system and work efficiency. Henan Taipu Machinery Co., Ltd. in the establishment, implementation and maintenance of quality management system, continuous learning and adopt advanced management methods. Henan Taipu Machinery Co., Ltd. adopted the "process approach" to further identify and determine the process required for enterprise management system to determine the order and interaction process, according to GB / T19001-2008 "Quality Management System Requirements", GB / T24001 -2004 "Environmental Management System requirements and the use of guidelines", GB / T28001-2001 "Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and GB / T19022-2003 "measurement management system measurement process and measurement equipment requirements" and other management system standards, combined with the The company's management model for the preparation of enterprise management standards to develop a "business management manual" and other integrated management system documents to improve the effectiveness of enterprise management system and efficiency.

Henan Topp Machinery Co., Ltd. "continuous improvement" principle, the quality of the treatment "from blocking to Shu" change. From the quality of accountability and results of assessment, to the cause of analysis, continuous improvement of the quality of the implementation of the change. Quality analysis will be held on a regular basis to the way, the quality of the resulting or possible analysis of the problem, identify the root causes of the problem, study and formulate quality problems and corrective measures to prevent measures to make the quality of the production process fluctuations Timely and effective control.