Garlic Peeling Machine|Price Of Garlic Peeling Machine|Garlic Peeler

This garlic peeling machine is based on the air compressor. It can realize fully automation, andcontinuous working by electricity and air principle controlling feeding,peeling and discharging.

This product has goodmarket in domestic and foreign market, such as Southeast Asia, South America,Africa and the Middle East, ETC. It has get the good reputation of customers.

Product advantages:

1.Peeling rate: » 98%

2.Dry peeling, no needing water, so it does not pollute the environment

3.It is zero damage to garlic

4.It is suitable for all garlic with all sizes

5.Performance is very stable, practical, safe and easy to operate


Model: TPP-RY100

Capacity: 1-3t/h

Power: 380w

Air source flowrate: 1.05m³/min or 7.5kw air compressor

Air pressure: 8kg/cm²

Dimension: 600*600*1250mm

Weight: 85kg