1kg Coffee Bean Roaste|Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

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This baking machine can be directlyconnected with the computer, the real-time dynamic output baking curve, at thesame time in the fire, hot air temperature, beans, time's help, realizeseamless copy each baking operation data.

It is half hotair regulation type.


1. OMRONtemperature control instrument

2. Thestepless variable speed regulation system of hot wind

3. Thestainless steel gas fire stepless regulating valve

4. Theprecise bean mild hot blast temperature display

5. TheUSB data output port direct computer, real-time dynamic temperature curve

6. Importsrosewood sampling handle

7. Aluminumfoil exhaust and cooling single pipe

8. EfficientShaq dragon silver leather dust collecting barrel

9. Six- GB edgewise buckle, convenient maintenance and maintenance

10. Glassflame windproof observation door, extreme fine

11. Thecolor of LED stainless steel button, service life of up to 50000 times

12. ADDKAstepless speed regulating motor, stable and durable


1. All bean contact body are made of Hightemperature resistant stainless steel.

2. Including cyclone dust collector and exhaust pipe

3. ADDKA Japan motor. Equipped with infinitelyadjustable-speed system

4. Data logger connect thermocouple and computer,can log by computer.

5. Fuse and leakage protector.

6. LED deluxe Lamp.


Model: TPP-1

Capacity: 200g-1300g / batch.

Baking mode: Electric

Baking time: 12-15 minutes

Roaster size: 1000mm*650mm*900mm

Dust Cyclone collector: 340*450*780mm

Voltage: 110-220V 50/60Hz

Fans of cooler & regulator: 120W*2

Electric heater power: 4180W

GasConsumption: 0.25Kg/Hr

Weight: 90Kg (roaster)+18kg(cyclone)