Coffee Bean Roaster|Coffee Bean Roasting Machine

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1.OMRON temperature control instrument

2. The stepless variable speedregulation system of hot wind

3. The stainless steel gas fire steplessregulating valve

4. The precise bean mild hot blasttemperature display

5. The USB data output port directcomputer, real-time dynamic temperature curve

6. Imports rosewood sampling handle

7. Aluminum foil exhaust and coolingsingle pipe

8. Efficient Shaq dragon silver leatherdust collecting barrel

9. Six - GB edgewise buckle, convenientmaintenance and maintenance

10. Glass flame windproof observationdoor, extreme fine

11. The color of LED stainless steelbutton, service life of up to 50000 times

12. ADDKA stepless speed regulatingmotor, stable and durable


Model: TPP-0.6

Capacity: 200g-600g

Heating Method: gas

Voltage: 220-240V,50/60hz 145w

Motor: 40w / 15w  

Fan: 45w/ 45w

Roasting Time: 12-15minutes

Roasting barrel rotate speed: 83 R.P.M

Cooling mixing tank spindle speed: 25 R.P.M

Exhaust diameter: 2*76mm (Exhaust air pipe forroasting hot air and cooling system)

gas consumption: gas burner pressure 2Kpa, 0.03M3/h

Dimension: 780*480*746 mm

Weight: 58kg