Sprout Vegetable Growing Machine|Sprout Vegetable Seedling Machine

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The growing box is made of food grade LLDPEmaterial.

The water box is made of stainless steel 304.

The inner frame is made of stainless steel 304.

The machine body is composited coated steelsheet, which is waterproof, temperature keeping and rustproof.

The machine is controlled by microcomputer.


This machine is suitable kinds of green sproutvegetable growing and seedling.

ModelCapacityPowerGrowing boxDailywater consumptionDimensionWeight
TPP-YM5025kg/day  (it will be difference according to differentvegetables)0.75kw,220v

16 pcs

(boxsize: 61.5*41*250px)
TPP-YM200100kg/day  (it will be difference according to differentvegetables)2.5kw,220v

16 pcs

(boxsize: 61.5*41*250px)