Double Row Big Fruit Sorting Machine|Fruit Sorting Machine

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This machine is special forbig fruit sorting, such as mango, pomelo, pineapple, dragon fruit, sweetpotato, etc


1.Reasonable structure design, high sorting speed, low broken rate, small weighting error and high degree of accuracy. The weighting sorting performance has reached the international standard.

2.This sorting machine can be moveable. It can not only work in the fruit garden, but also in the town factory. Thus it can reduce the fruit broken caused by fruit carrying.

3.Best price, good performance, easy to operate, low failure rate and long service life. I t help the user be able to afford, use well and high efficiency.

4.This machine can be suitable for sorting area with big temperature difference, and it can work normally under temperature 30-40 degree below zero.

Model: TPP-DS8

Sorting scope:20-3000g

Sorting grade: 8categories

Sorting speed:7500-9000pcs/h

Sorting precision:±4g

Power: 2kw/380V


Weight: 1200kg