Electronic Weigher Fruit Sorting Machine|Fruit Sorting Machine

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1.This electronic weigher fruitsorting machine adopt automatic feeding machine to send the fruit to thesorting machine. The key electric appliance is adopted advanced importedelement, which is more precise, more labor saving and safe.

2.This electronic weigher fruitsorting machine is very easier to adjust the weight of the machinecompared to the traditional mechanical weigher.

3.This fruit sorting machine iswidely used for apple, pear, orange, mango, kiwi fruit, tomato and potato etcball shape of fruit. It is for the weighting sorting the fruit.

We also specially designed theprofessional sorting machine for dragon fruit, kiwi fruit and apple accordingto themselves characteristics.

4. The customer also can chooseto feed the fruit by labor according to the detailed requirement.

Model: TPP-DS2

Power: 2.5kw

Voltage: 380V/50Hz

Capacity: 20000pieces/h

Sorting grade: 10 grades.

Sorting precise: ±3g

Dimension: 11*2.5*1m (includingthe length of the automatic feeding machine)