Flaky Pastry Making Machine

Flaky Pastry Making Machine


1. This machine is mainly for making kinds of flaky pastry,such as crisp mooncake, crisp Chinese style baked roll, sweetheart pastry, Mungbean pastry and other stuffing food.

2. This machine is mainly including main machine, stuffingmachine and forming machine.


1. The dough wrapper conveying speed is controlled when itenters the space between dough press wheel and dough rolling device, so thatdough wrapper will not be broken or blocked.

2. There is thickness adjust device of each dough presswheel, so that it can adjust the dough wrapper thickness.

3. When the dough wrapper enters the final dough presswheel, it will enter the main conveyer of the machine, and then the rollingwheel will roll the dough wrapper into strip shape.

4. The product weight and length can be adjusted.

ModelCapacityProduct WeightPowerDimensionWeight