Special Lollipop Production Line|Lollipop Manufacture Machine|Lollipop production line

This production line is suitable for making hard candy and milk grease candy.

Composed of thermal rolling bed, thermal bar drawing machine, special lollipop forming machine and climbing conveyer, the production line is featured with logical structure, stable performance, good looking, easy and simple operation, convenient maintenance etc., It can make heart, palm, foot, animal and other special shaped lollipop.


NamePowerWeightExternal dimensionsProduction capacity
Batch Roller4.75kw450kg2100*600*1150mm


Rope Sizer3.3kw430kg1400*800*1300mm
Special lollipop forming machine2.2kw1100kg1900*1000*1900mm
Climbing machine0.4kw70kg1600*600*900mm