Fresh Citrus Fruit Juice Machine|Manual Orange Juicer Machine|Oranges and Tangerines Juicer Machine

This series of citrus fruitextractor machine is made of stainless steel machine shell, transparent coverand food grade plastic element (concave-convex ball element) and fruit peelcollecting barrel.


The waste and juice can be separatedautomatically.

This machine is with characteristics ofcorrosion resistance and easy to clean, etc.


This machine is suitable for the citrus fruitwith diameter 40-90mm.

This machine can be used in the hotel,restaurant and other shops.

Technical parameters:

Model: TPP-E2

Voltage: 110v/220v 50hz/60hz

Power: 120w

Capacity: 20 pieces/minute

Juicing yield: 35-40%


Gross weight: 45kg

Net weight: 40kg

Transmission:drive by gear