Automatic egg shell separator machine

Automatic eggshell separator (egg machine) isusing vertical grinding cage and sling slotted screen structure.

The workeronly needs the clean shell eggs into the funnel, the machine will automaticallybreak the egg by accelerating rotating centrifugal effect, and then the eggliquid separated from the shell.

The egg liquid will be discharged from theoutlet, egg shell is being discharged from waste outlet.

Automatic egg shell separator machine

Introduction for egg shell separator machine

Automatic egg shell separator (egg machine) isusing vertical grinding cage and sling slotted screen structure. 

The workeronly needs the clean shell eggs into the funnel, the machine will automaticallybreak the egg by accelerating rotating centrifugal effect, 

and then the eggliquid separated from the shell. 

The egg liquid will be discharged from theoutlet, egg shell is being discharged from waste outlet.

Parameter for egg separator machine

model  TPP-DY1
capacity 8000-10000pcs/h
power 2.2kw
egg liquid rate 97-99%
material  SS304
dimension  950*550*1050mm
weight  125kg

Pictrues for fresh egg peeling machine

egg breaker  (26).jpgfresh egg peeling machine