Pepper powder filling pcaking machine


1. This powder packing machine is integrated with machine, electricity, light and instrument. It is controlled by single chip computer.
It has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and so on.

2. Stepping motor and electronic weighing technology,fast speed and high precision

3. The same quantitative packaging machine can be packed 5-5000g by adjusting and replacing filling parts of different specifications with keyboard of electronic scale.

4. Errors caused by material specific gravity and material level change can be automatically tracked and corrected.

Introduce for Seasoning powder filling pcaking machine:

It is suitable for loading powdery materials in food, medicine, daily necessities and other industries.

Such as milk powder, glucose, protein powder, cocoa powder, coffee powder, rice noodles, solid beverages and other powdered, ultra-fine powders Of materials.

Controlled by PLC and touch screen, it maximizes the accuracy and stability of the machine's weighing control.

This is an semi-automatic type filling machine, for powder or small granule product, easy to operate, low cost, hig accuracy for small amount filling.

Main Features:

1.The filling auger is driven by servo motor,working stable and high accuracy.

2.PLC and touch screen controlling system, with hand wheel to adjust height,easy to operate.

3.Disconnect hopper help to clean up the remaining powders completely.

4.All stainless steel 304 material,change hopper,auger sets without tools ,easy to clean and keep tidy.

Parameter for chili powder bottle filling machine



Packing speed


Bag size

Max. width: 10mm
Max. Length: 150mm

Sealing type

Three-edge sealing ,four-edge sealing

Bag cutting type

Electric rotary cutter can set cutting

Packing weight



1.5kw, 220v 50HZ



Material type

Powder material

Degree of automation




Picture for chili powder filling packing machine

pepper packing machine