Best Price Meat Industrial Stainless Steel Vacuum Packing Machine

The vacuum packing machine is for vacuumizing and sealing continuously.
Thus it can avoid mildewing and going bad and it can lengthen the freshness period of the food.
This vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing kinds of food product,
such as meat, fruit, vegetable, preserved fruit, bean product, etc. It is also suitable for packing medicine material with powder, liquid and particle type.

Best Price Meat Industrial Stainless Steel Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Description


The vacuum packing machine is for vacuumizing and sealing continuously. Thus it can avoid mildewing and going bad and it can lengthen the freshness period of the food. 

This vacuum packing machine is suitable for packing kinds of food product, such as meat, fruit, vegetable, preserved fruit, bean product, etc. It is also suitable for packing medicine material with powder, liquid and particle type. 

technical parameters

Name: Dual Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Model: TPP-600/2S

Weight: 240kg

Dimension of vacuum chamber: 720*600*130mm

Valid sealing size: 10mm*2 pieces

Sealing strip quantity: 2*2

Space between sealing strip: 500mm

Capacity: 120-200times/h

Dimension: 1460*620*920mm

Min absolutely pressure: <200pa

Power: 2.2kw

Voltage: 380V/50HZ

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