Big automatic 0.5t/h electric sugarcane juicer machines

1. The machine is made of stainless steel.

2. The juicce yield is very high.

3. The model is very easy to operate, one person can handle it.

4.This model has three rollers, which 15cm length. and it can squeeze 3-4 sugarcane at one time.

5.The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the sugarcane.

6. Square feedign hopper, which is very easy to wash.

 Big automatic 0.5t/h electric sugarcane juicer machines

Product description for sugarcane juice making machine

1. The machine is made of stainless steel.

2. The juicce yield is very high.

3. The model is very easy to operate, one person can handle it.

4.This model has three rollers, which 15cm length. and it can squeeze 3-4 sugarcane at one time.

5.The pressure is automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the sugarcane.

6. Square feedign hopper, which is very easy to wash.

Technical parameters for sugarcane juice extarctor machine

model TPP-500
dimension 50*52*82cm
rotary speed 19r/min
roller quantity3 rollers
voltage 220v/380v

Product Photos

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Finished product for sugarcane machine juice

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