Hot sale single punch pill press tablet press machine

This tablet press pill making machine can work by electric motor and by hand.

The depth and thickness of tablet is adjustable.

The standard mold is for making round tablet.

The round mold of 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm and 15mm.

This tablet press pill making machine can be casual disassembling easily.

Hot sale single punch pill press tablet press machine

Product description for tablet press maker

This tablet press pill making machine is for granular material pressing into round and other special shapes of tabet.


This tablet press pill making machine can work by electric motor and by hand.

The depth and thickness of tablet is adjustable.

The standard mold is for making round tablet.

The round mold of 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm and 15mm.

This tablet press pill making machine can be casual disassembling easily.

Technical parameters for pill press machine sale

Model TPP-5N
Die quantity1 pair
Max press pressure50KN
Max tablet diameter15mm
Max filling depth12mm
Tablet thickness6mm
Max capacity4000pcs/hr

Product photos for stainless steel tablet press making machine

Tablet press machineTablet press makerTablet press maker machine

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