Automatic milk caramel candy wrapping double twist machine

Packing material: cellophane, PVC, PPO, wax paper, composite material etc.
This candy packing machine for candies of various shapes, rectangular, square, round, oval, shaped candy.
Automatic milk caramel candy wrapping double twist machine

Features for candy twist packing machine

This machine has material entering device of candy-settling plate. 
It can realize packing with monolayer or bilayer packing. It can get 100% of packing rate, no empty package. 
Computer photoelectric automatic tracking and frequency control of motor speed.

Packing material for milk candy packing machine

acking materialcellophane, PVC, PPO, wax paper, composite material etc.
This candy packing machine for candies of various shapes, rectangular, square, round, oval, shaped candy.

Pictures for candy wrapping packing machine

twist packing machine

candy twist packing machine

automatic double twist packing machine